Located in South Boston MA, BHG is a full-service hospitality management company headquartered in South Boston, Massachusetts. Serving the Greater Boston area since 2004. we are dedicated to creating and operating unique restaurants all which provide guests with unforgettable experiences


BHG, which is behind the creation and management of all the Tavern in the Square restaurants, also oversees a variety of other concepts, including Tavitas, The Broadway, The Playwright and The Derby. Each of our restaurants has its own identity, but they all share the same goal. They are designed to fit the neighborhoods in which they are located and to provide memorable experiences with every visit. We achieve this by providing local residents and visitors the opportunity to feel like they are part of a special environment created specifically for them with localized food, craft cocktails and a vibrant atmosphere.


BHG believes in leading by example. The company is owned and operated by three local restaurateurs who have been part of the Boston restaurant scene for decades. With guests as our priority and our unparalleled commitment to excellence, it is our mission to exceed expectations and create the ultimate guest experience